PhD in Public Health

The CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy has proposed a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Health, to be offered by Fall 2019. New accreditation criteria were implemented by the School’s professional accrediting body, the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) in October 2016, for the first time, defining the DPH and other academic doctoral degrees, such as the PhD. The consensus among faculty was that in order to preserve the current DPH program’s curriculum, its mission and goals, student learning outcomes, and expected graduate outcomes, the school should offer a Doctor of Philosophy degree. DPH students will have the option to complete their program as it is currently offered, by 2026. Students will also have the option of transferring to the PhD (pending New York State program approval). Course equivalencies of the DPH to PhD can be found here.  Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor if they have questions.

MCRSH Data Posted

There is interest in exploring options for the Maternal, Child, Reproductive, and Sexual Health program, which is currently offered as a specialization. Options include exploring an advanced certificate or MPH concentration. As part of the process, I posted national data on MCH and RH programs on the website. Unfortunately there is no information about sexual health programs; possibly this is encompassed under RH. Please send helpful comments to Diana Romero, who is leading the working group.

Foundational Knowledge Learning Objectives

We have formed a committee to begin work on addressing CEPH Criteria D1: Foundational Public Health Knowledge. The committee members represent each department: Meredith Manze, Betsy Eastwood, Ghada Soliman, and Shiro Horiuchi. A draft document of the plan for dividing the work can be found here. The plan is to develop an online, asynchrounous, 0-credit course that can be taken by students that do not fulfill the foundational knowledge through other means such as completion of a CEPH – accredited bachelor’s degree in public health or MPH degree. Therefore, Sergio Costa will serve as a consultant to the group through his role as Director of Online Learning.


Biostatistics Course by CITI

The CITI program, which all of us use to get certified from human subjects research, is launching a new training module. They are offering a Fundamentals of Biostatistics course, which is delivered fully online, asynchronously in 26 modules (equivalent to a semester course) and costs only $300. The website lists the content of the course and provides an overview of the assessment methods. Because nearly everyone uses CITI for research ethics training, they will get considerable exposure to potential students of this course.

CUNY Webinars

On November 13, Bruce Vandal and Blake Johnson of Complete College America, together with Donna Linderman and David Crook, will be conducting a series of three webinars on the three key initiatives of the CUNY Academic Momentum Year campaign:  1) take 30 initiatives to encourage students to earn 30 credits a year, 2) degree mapping, and 3) remediation reform.  The webinars are designed to introduce the key components of these initiatives and to provide insights drawn from implementations at systems and institutions from across the country.  The webinars will be recorded, so they will be available to individuals who are not free to view them live.  Please use the links below to access the webinars on November 13 at the times indicated.

1:00 pm – 30 to Finish: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_1M6wmGWKTSSTIL0cSG5ZVg

2:00 pm – Degree Maps: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_JP9UJDCbRo2mXJbT1YhUBQ

3:00 pm – Remediation Reform: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_i63TvmugS0mMoE0Seid1FA